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Kites – CD Album


This Winter Machine’s highly anticipated third album ‘Kites’ in CD format.

1. Le Jour D’Avant
2. The Storm (Part One)
3. The Storm (Part Two)
4. Limited
5. Pleasure and Purpose
6. This Heart’s Alive
7. Whirlpool
8. Broken
9. Sometimes
10. Kites

Le Jour D’Avant: Music by Pat Ganger-Sanders
The Storm (Part I): Music by Winter
The Storm (Part II): Music by Winter & Bennison
Limited: Music by Close
Pleasure & Purpose: Music by Winter, Bennison & D’Vali
This Heart’s Alive: Music by Winter & Numan
Whirlpool: Music by Bennison
Broken: Music by Numan & Winter
Sometimes: Music by Winter
Kites: Music by Winter & Bennison

Engineered by Dom Richmond & Dom Bennison
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Dom Bennison
C o-Produced by Al Winter
Recorded at Soundworks studios & Medicine Room Studios

All lyrics by Winter

Guitar Solo on The Storm (Part I): Mark Abrahams
Violin solo on Sometimes: Eric Bouillette Perso
Keyboards on tracks 1-7: Pat Ganger-Sanders
Keyboards on tracks 9-10: Reuben Jones
Keyboards on tracks 8: Mark Numan
vocals on track 9: Peter jones

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